Yakshini Pocket Fm ” Part- 1″

Yakshini Pocket Fm- In today’s post we highlight an interesting story titled “Yakshini” which is available on Pocket FM platform. As we all know, stories of mysterious or supernatural creatures from folklore and legends have fascinated the human imagination for centuries.

There is a mysterious story of Yakshini, a mesmerizing and formidable figure whose stories have been passed down through generations.

yakshini pocket fm
yakshini pocket fm

About Yakshini Pocket Fm Story :

Story NameYakshini l यक्षिणी
Author Name Anand Usha Borkar
Available On Pocket FM
All Credit GivenAnand Usha Borkar & Pocket FM Only
Episode 1Total View on Pocket Fm is 268.6M Plays

Yakshini Pocket Fm “Part – 1”

It was 2:00 in the night and Virat was crossing the Kishnoi river lying between the Meghalaya and Assam border. There was darkness far and wide and a deep silence surrounded the Kishnoi river. And there were dark clouds hovering over the same river, which looked as if they were going to rain any moment. There was knee-deep water in the river which was flowing at a slow speed.

Virat had a mobile torch in one hand and a bicycle handle in the other hand. Virat was slowly crossing the river after lighting the mobile torch when suddenly his mobile phone started ringing. Picking up the phone, Virat said, ” Yes Vandana” A woman’s voice is heard from inside the mobile, “How far have you reached? Have reached Kishnoi river, and then I come straight to you.

Vandana’s nervous voice is heard. Did you say that you are crossing the Kishnoi river? Virat says, “And otherwise, do you know that this is the only way to go from Banglamuda village to Romchamuda village and that too by crossing the river.” Does matter.

Vandana nervously replies to Virat saying that you should not have come so late in the night. You should have stopped at the cottage itself, do you know that she roams across the river? Virat asks with surprise, who does she roam? Vandana nervously answers Virat saying that means you know everything, still. You are asking deliberately, mother had told you that you should not even mention her name while crossing the river, otherwise she will really come.

The word Yakshini comes out of Virat’s mouth, Virat says Vandana, you too, where did you get involved in mother’s words, “It seems that mother has told you the story of Yakshini too.” Before Virat can complete his words, Vandana says nervously. , “Shut up, shut up sir” Oh Kali Maa, please protect my husband and forgive me for whatever harm he has done to me unknowingly, now he will never take his name again.

Virat laughs and says, what Bandana, you too, Yakshini Yakshini is nothing, all these are fabricated things made up by the villagers and there is nothing else. Responding to this, Vandana says, if you don’t believe then don’t believe, I believe and you just come quickly. Virat laughs and says, yes my dear, I will cross the river first.

Vandana says, okay I will keep it, then before hanging up the phone Virat said, “How come you think you are forgetting something?” Vandana says I am forgetting what am I forgetting, Virat laughingly says you can remember about Yakshini but you cannot remember that today is our wedding anniversary.

Vandana says I made a mistake, please forgive me, I had forgotten because I was worried about you. Virat makes a face and says that I had forgotten, otherwise you will be punished, you will have to be ready for the punishment. Vandana asks very lovingly, okay then what punishment? Will you give? Virat replies and says that the punishment is that you will have to stay awake all night tonight. Vandana gets shy and says shyly that you also talk about so many things.

yakshini pocket fm
yakshini pocket fm

Virat says, hey, if I won’t talk like this with my wife, then who will I talk to? Responding, Bandana says okay, come, I will wait for you, come soon Vandana. She disconnects the phone and Virat starts crossing the river again.

Even Virat had taken only a few steps forward when he heard the sound of anklets ringing. Virat feels as if a girl has come running from behind him.

Hearing Payal’s voice, Virat stops where he was and starts looking back, when he turns back he sees nothing except darkness, there was no one behind him.

“This worship of Yakshini by taking her name has put an illusion in my mind and that same illusion is scaring me now, and anyway, I want to meet Yakshini myself. I have heard great things about her; I have heard that she is very beautiful.”

Saying this, Virat starts moving forward again. Virat had barely taken a step or two when he started seeing a black shadow on the bank of the river. Seeing that black shadow, Virat’s steps automatically stopped. Seeing the shadow, it seemed as if Was waiting only for Vovirat. The sound of anklets ringing and the smell of jasmine flowers were coming from near the black shadow. Virat’s hands and legs started trembling.

Virat says in fear – “Was Vandana’s words not true? Is this Yakshini?”

Virat was so scared after seeing that shadow that his entire face was drenched in sweat. Virat’s hands and legs were cold, his heart started beating loudly. He couldn’t understand what to say?

Virat says in fear – “Who is there over there?”

No reply comes. There was still silence.

Virat starts shining the torch of his mobile on the black shadow. When the light of the torch falls on the black shadow, Virat sees that the shadow was not of anyone else but of a girl.

There was a very beautiful girl standing on the bank of the river, whose age was about twenty-four (24) years and height was five (5) feet two (2) inches. She had a long neck, pink lips, open hair which reached till her waist. She had a fair body and she was wearing a black saree on that fair body. That girl looked no less than an Apsara. She was so beautiful that any man would want to forget his boundaries and get intoxicated in her arms after seeing her beauty.

The girl signals Virat with her hand and calls him towards her. Seeing that girl, Virat had forgotten that there was such a thing as Yakshini. Virat leaves his bicycle there and quickly starts going towards the girl. As if his body was on fire.

yakshini pocket fm
yakshini pocket fm

Virat goes to the girl and asks her softly – “Who are you and what are you doing here, what is your name?”

The girl says with a smile on her face – “What is kept in the name, what is kept in the work.”

“what kind of work?”

The girl looks into Virat’s eyes and says – “The same thing that you were going to do with your wife at home, you wanted to keep her awake the whole night, right; won’t you wake me up?”

There was an intoxication in the eyes of that girl, seeing which Virat had forgotten everything. It seemed as if he had come under her control.

Virat also looks into the eyes of the girl and says – “Yes, why not, I will always keep you awake tonight, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in the evenings, I will never let you sleep.”

Saying this, Virat hugs the girl to his chest and the next moment both of them were lying naked on the sand of the river. Due to the heat of their bodies, the sand had stuck to their bodies. The fragrance of jasmine flowers was coming from the girl’s body. The girl was below and Virat was above her. The drop of sweat on Virat’s forehead was clearly showing that he was tired and all the strength in his body was about to end, but looking at that girl’s face, it seemed as if nothing had happened till now, the thirst inside him was still there. Didn’t understand.

Virat was about to reach his climax and within a few moments he was about to collapse on the girl’s body, then his eyes fall on the girl’s chest and he sees that wrinkles have slowly started appearing on the girl’s chest. Was. The hair on her hands and legs had started coming out, her hair had started turning from black to white. Within no time, the girl suddenly transformed into an old woman. Virat’s eyes were wide open in tears after seeing all this. His hot body had suddenly become cold.

Virat says tremblingly – “Who are you?”

The girl says softly – “I am Yakshini…your death.”

Hearing this, Virat’s hair stand on end and he quickly starts moving away from her, but at the same time Yakshini catches him with both her hands and says – “Where are you going now dear, my thirst is not quenched yet, you are me.” Yesterday, day after tomorrow, the nurses wanted to keep me awake forever, what if they got tired or scared after seeing my true form, hahaha.”

Virat was so scared after seeing her scary face that he was unable to say anything. He could see his own death in Yakshini’s eyes.

Yakshini says angrily – “In your thirst for lust, you forgot that your bastard’s wife Vandana is waiting for you at home and you are here with me… You men can never love a woman. , Your lust is never going to end.”

Saying this, Yakshini places her hand on Virat’s chest. Yakshini had long black nails which were sharp like knives.

Virat says scared – “No no, don’t do this, let me go.”

“I am letting you go, Bholibhetaula…Bholibhetaula.”

Saying this, Yakshini thrusts her hand inside Virat’s chest and at the same time dark clouds start thundering loudly and it starts raining. The blood from Virat’s body starts flowing into Yakshini’s body with the help of nails. As the blood was going inside Yakshini’s body, she was becoming young again. Yakshini had come back to her old form and Virat’s body had dried up and turned white, there was not even a drop of blood inside it but his heartbeat was still going on.

Yakshini takes her mouth near Virat’s ear and whispers – “Ramronramro…..Ramronramro.”

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