Pocket FM Best Stories (Sorted By Popularity)

Pocket FM Best Stories– More and more people are checking in to listen to their favorite stories and shows because to the explosive growth of podcasts over the past two years. One platform that has experienced significant growth not only in India but also internationally is Pocket FM.

There are a select few stories (Pocket fm stories list) that stand out as the most well-liked on Pocket FM (Pocket fm best story), despite the fact that it is still developing its content category.

Pocket FM Best Stories
Pocket FM Best Stories

The Pocket FM Best Stories Shown Below :

In this we Give information about Best Pocket Fm Stories List For you on the basis of Popularity of Story .

1- YAKSINI EK DAYAN One of The Best Pocket FM Best Stories

Read and Hear the spooky legend of Yakshini, a beautiful but ill-fated monster that stalks the communities of Bangalamuda and Rongkamucha.

Yakshini, who is notorious for preying on hapless visitors who cross the Kishanoi River, eventually has her reign of terror ended when the locals shut down the infamous Graveyard Kothi, where it is thought that she resides. However, the Kothi is reopened after thirteen years, and Yakshini begins her quest once more, this time focusing on both men and women.

Discover the truth about Yakshini’s curse and the enigma surrounding her existence by listening to “Yakshini…Ek Dayan” on Pocket FM.

“Pocket FM’s ‘Yakshini’ is a must-listen if you’re seeking for an exciting Hindi audio series. You’ll be on the verge of hysterics as you read this terrifying tale about a cursed creature.

2. PYAAS “Pocket FM Story List

Read and Hear In Pyaas, a young girl named Mugdha and her pals are told the terrifying tale of their transfer to the picturesque city of Shimla. She runs upon a horrible thing hiding in the shadows, though, and her life takes a terrifying turn. This predator of the defenseless has only one unquenchable craving: the thirst for blood, or pyaas. As the creature draws in on her, Mugdha finds herself at its mercy and fighting for her life.

Will she be able to flee from the grips of this dangerous creature and discover the truth about how it came to be? Learn more in the gripping story of PYAAS, which is only available on Pocket FM.

3. AMRAPALI One Of Best Pocket FM Best Stories

A compelling tale on Pocket FM called Amrapali explores the hardships of a young lady who must negotiate the complications of beauty, power, and fortune. Amrapali is a dancer who was raised in secret by her guardian, a dance teacher, while her father was away serving in the city.

When her guardian’s wife learns, her dream is dashed, and Amrapali is forced to swear she will never dance in public again.Amrapali acquires Vaishali’s Nagarvadhu status at the age of 16, a distinguished position that carries with it dark responsibilities.

The narrative emphasizes the demands and expectations placed on women in patriarchal society as well as the sacrifices they must make in order to uphold social expectations. It also examines the power relationships between men and women and how rank and income affect these relationships.

Amrapali must decide whether to accept or reject her new role as the plot develops, and her choice will have a significant impact on her future.

The narrative explores the challenges women confront in communities where men predominate as well as the significance of remaining loyal to one’s principles and objectives. Amrapali is without a doubt one of the best Hindi stories on Pocket FM, with a compelling plot and likable characters.

4. INSTA MILLIONAIRE : Pocket FM Best Stories

A young man named Laxman, popularly known as Lucky, is the subject of the intriguing narrative “Insta Millionaire” on Pocket FM. Lucky experiences an unexpected windfall when all of his family’s riches is overnight put into his account after his lover left him because of his poverty.

After rising from poverty to wealth, Lucky has achieved financial independence and is now a billionaire. This compelling tale emphasizes the value of wise financial decisions and the influence of money.

Watch Pocket FM to find out how Lucky handles his newfound wealth and whether he discovers true happiness apart from worldly stuff.


In the popular Super Yoddha podcast series from Pocket FM, listeners follow the adventures of young hero Dhruv as he attempts to overcome his sin and find redemption.

Dhruv was left feeling lost and defeated following a swift fall from grace and the loss of his desired rank of Eklavya. But rather of abandoning his goals, he rekindled his inner fire by using his setback as fuel.

He became more dedicated to his training than ever before, pushing himself to attain new levels of power and proficiency. Dhruv came to the realization that being a real hero meant changing the world and doing good deeds.

Dhruv motivates other heroes with his tenacity and tenacity as he develops into a leader within the Bravery Team. To meet the difficulties ahead, they collaborate to create new alliances and partnerships. Listeners can feel the thrill of a hero’s journey and see the strength of perseverance and resolve through this exhilarating sci-fi tale.

Super Yoddha is one of the best Hindi stories on Pocket FM; don’t miss it. Join Dhruv on his quest for self-knowledge and heroism to learn what it truly means to be a hero. Turn on Pocket FM right away.


You won’t want to miss the Pocket FM narrative “Zero to Hero” if you enjoy “rags-to-riches” tales. The story of Kartik, a young guy who has always had financial difficulties and has endured taunts and insults from people around him, is followed in this Hindi audio serial.

When Kartik learns that he is the true heir to a large estate, everything, however, changes. His life suddenly takes an unexpected turn, and his friends and girlfriend are quick to accept responsibility for their previous actions. Despite their efforts to rebuild their relationship, Kartik is left feeling resentful and unsure on how to handle his newfound wealth.

In “Zero to Hero,” listeners will receive a close-up view of Kartik’s journey as he gets used to a life of luxury. However, things aren’t always as simple as they seem, and Kartik discovers that it’s difficult to give his life direction and significance.

You may find out how Kartik develops his ability to deal with the difficulties of riches and relationships through this audio series, as well as how he ultimately discovers his true calling.

So be sure to listen to “Zero to Hero” on Pocket FM if you’re searching for an interesting and thought-provoking narrative. This series will keep you interested from start to finish with its compelling plot and likable characters. Additionally, you can quickly tune in and follow Kartik’s adventure wherever you are thanks to the convenience of listening to audio series on the move.


“Number Zero: An exciting science fiction story about an alien traveler’s journey to Earth. Will Vipin make it off this strange planet? Learn more as he overcomes novel difficulties and hurdles while maintaining his anonymity. Discover the adventure as Vipin explores the depths of human society and learns its secrets.

Take part in this engaging podcast series on Pocket FM to feel the excitement of the unknown.


Veer Raheja, in the suspenseful novel Shoorveer, sets off on a dangerous journey to the far-off planet of Titan. Before entering the alien realm, Veer must undertake the challenging chore of hunting and slaying vicious enemies to advance his combat abilities.

Veer battles animals with razor-sharp claws and deadly teeth utilizing his quick reflexes and martial arts maneuvers, emerging stronger and more competent with each confrontation.

Veer returns to Earth after an eon of combat, but the true struggle is yet to begin. Ishani’s brother is a formidable and influential foe, and Veer finds himself overcome by a craving for supremacy and control. Veer’s true colors begin to show as he gets more involved in the fight for power.

Will Veer’s relentless desire ultimately lead to his demise or will he triumph as a real ruler of Titan and Earth? In this intriguing tale, which is only accessible on Pocket FM, only time will tell. Shoorveer is the ideal novel if you enjoy sci-fi thrillers with lots of action. Don’t pass up this thrilling experience!


A college-bound girl named Muktanjali undergoes a transformation in the captivating Pocket FM narrative Param Sundari. Muktanjali has consistently endured bullying and taunts because of her appearance, notably because of her acne. However, when she changes into the lovely Param Sundari, her life takes an unexpected turn.

This tale examines how societal pressure affects one’s perception of beauty and one’s body image. Many people can identify with Muktanjali’s transition from a timid young girl to a self-assured and attractive lady.

One of the most watched programs on Pocket FM is Param Sundari thanks to its engaging plot and likable characters. It has been a favorite among listeners due to its themes of inner beauty and self-acceptance, which have struck a chord with audiences.


Priya’s life is the focus of the spine-tingling tale Khauff. Two days before her wedding, an evil power enters her reality, kidnaps her fiance Aditya, and conceives a child with her.

Even worse, Priya gives birth to the demon’s child, which later begins tormenting her. To learn more about Priya’s battle with the devil and what happens next, tune in to “Khauff” on Pocket FM.

FAQ (Pocket FM Best Stories)

Q-  What is the best story on Pocket FM?

Ans- Yakshini, Pyaas, Khauff, Amrapali, Insta Millionaire, Super Yoddha, Zero to Hero, Number Zero, Shoorveer, and Param Sundari are a few of the well-known stories on Pocket FM.

Q- Can I listen to Pocket FM stories for free?

Ans- Yes, you may access a variety of stories for free on Pocket FM. However, a subscription might be necessary for some premium material.

Conclusion :

Stories from a wide range of genres and tastes are available on Pocket FM. The stories stated above are the most well-liked of them and offer a wonderful introduction to the world of Hindi podcast series. Therefore, Pocket FM is the place to go if you want to listen to some excellent stories.

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