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Insta Millionaire Full Story- In today’s time many people are interested to know about Insta Millionaire Full Stor y? Then stop worrying because today we are going to know about it.

This adorable story on Pocket FM is about a man’s journey from poor to rich and the changes that come with new wealth. The story narrated by Suraj Kumar and written by Swapnil has received over 75 million plays on the Pocket FM app and a rating of 4.5 from over 89k views.

The theme of this story is full of many things like friendship, love and jealousy, which keeps the audience hooked till the end.

If you are also interested to download all the episodes of Insta Millionaire Sto ry , then for this you have to use Pocket FM. And you can also find Insta Millionaire full story download to stay updated with the latest episodes.

About Insta Insta Millionaire Full Story :

Listen! Have you heard about a good story called “Insta Millionaire Story ”? It is written by someone named Swapnil and it is really popular! So many people have heard it – over 360 million! It is in a language called Hindi.

This story is different from other stories you might have heard because it has a lot of surprises. It’s about a kid named Lucky who has a lot of money, but he still has to test for something called “Barbie”.

The story shows us how people with lots of money live their lives and how they talk and act around others. It’s really interesting and fun to listen to. So if you want to watch it, go ahead and listen to it!

Insta Millionaire Full Story 
Insta Millionaire Full Story 

About Insta Millionaire Hindi StoryInsta Millionaire Full Story :

This Insta Millionaire in Hindi is currently available on the platform of Pocket FM. Tells the story of a poor delivery boy named Lucky. He is often mistreated by his peers in college and is even dumped by his girlfriend for his rich friend. Despite this, Lucky perseveres and works hard to support his family while pursuing his dream of becoming an animator.

One Evening, Lucky receives an unexpected message on his phone informing him of an important deposit in his bank account. He soon learns that he is actually the heir to a huge fortune and that his real name is Laxman Lal Agarwal. Overnight he becomes a billionaire and enters the exclusive world of the elite.

On the way, Lucky meets a young woman, Radhika, who falls in love with him. However, he faces many challenges and enemies who want to take away his newfound wealth and happiness. He must learn to use his money wisely and understand who to trust in his life.

This Insta Millionaire is a very interesting story where you can look forward to a captivating journey with many twists and turns. Lucky’s story teaches us the importance of hard work, perseverance and making wise choices when it comes to money and relationships. teaches about If you are looking for an exciting story that will keep you hooked till the very end, this is a must listen!

Insta Millionaire Pocket FM All Episodes Download :

Have you heard about the story of Insta Millionaire? This is a really cool audio story that you can listen to on Pocket FM. It is in Hindi and has more than 400 episodes! That’s a lot, isn’t it?

Some people might want to download all Insta Millionaire Pocket FM All Episodes so that they can listen to them offline. It makes sense, but it’s important to do it the right way. You can use the Pocket FM app to download episodes and listen to them offline, or you can search YouTube where some episodes are uploaded as animated videos.

However, it is important to remember that downloading content without permission may be illegal and is not fair to the creators of the story. So always try to download or listen to stories from legal and ethical sources.

Story NameInsta Millionaire
Written by (Author)Swapnil
NarratorSuraj Kumar
SourcePocket FM
DownloadClick Here
Total Episodes784

Insta Millionaire Pocket FM Total Episodes :

Talking about this story “Insta Millionaire Full Story PDF in Hindi” then according to IMDB, Hindi audio story available on Pocket FM, Insta Millionaire has uploaded more than 730 episodes till 08 June 2023 and around 750 to 800 uploads expected to arrive. The estimated total number of episodes is 784.

Here you are presented with a small glimpse of Insta Millionaire Full Story in Hindi PDF :

The story starts with Lucky, i.e. Laxman Lal Aggarwal, who is very smart, handsome and intelligent but very poor in luck. Because of his good marks, he gets admission in the college where all the rich kids of the city study, but everyone there makes fun of him and says that this scoundrel has the right to study in our college.

Lucky listens to everything and sometimes does what they ask like bringing cigarettes, water and they give him some money and send him away and then make fun of him.

Lucky’s life was not easy, he did not have a good house to live in or good clothes. For money he used to work as a delivery boy. He also had a girlfriend, Dimple, who was very beautiful but only by face, not by heart.

To fulfill his every demand, Lucky used to work hard day and night and worked diligently. One day Dimple eyes a diamond ring and demands it from Lucky.

Lucky is left wondering what to do. Dimple threatens him that if he does not fulfill her demand i.e. does not give her a diamond ring, she will leave him. He starts working harder for it and even sells his bike. But one day something like this happens to the girl after which her whole life changes.

Lucky gets a call for a delivery to a five star hotel. The man calling tells him that he needs to deliver some medicine.

When he reaches the hotel room, he sees that the person who gave the order is none other than his classmate Rahul who is also accompanied by Dimple. Lucky pulls Dimple towards him and asks the reason.

Dimple says that her new boyfriend Rahul is very rich and fulfills her every demand and she insults and taunts him.
Even she says, remember this is boring, what you could never get, you know, Rahul got it in one go. Dimple further says that people have even started telling me that your old boyfriend was such a loser, a delivery boy came.

Dimple breaks up, Lucky is devastated. At first he is very sad, then he feels that it was the right thing, his girlfriend’s true identity was soon revealed. He then gets a call asking him to come to room number 888 of the five star hotel.

Lucky reaches the hotel and when he starts going in the lift, he bumps into a girl named Shalini. Shalini immediately gets angry at him and asks whether they are eyes or buttons.

But before that, one second, one second, one second, let me ask a question, after all it is about your 2000 rupees, so the question is, in which episode of “Insta Millennium” there is a boy named Abbas and which one? Plays games. Screenshot of the episode with Lucky. Paytm the link of my Instagram in the description.

Then he collides with the story and the girl gets angry. When Lucky tells about room number 88, the guard starts apologizing and says, “Such a big person has called you, please forgive me sir, it was a mistake.” Lucky wonders how can any elder call him. Thinking it’s a joke, he comes out of the hotel cursing his fate and gets back to work to forget his sorrow and then he remembers that one of his friends had invited him to a party in a big hotel.

Lucky wears the same old tattered clothes and goes to the hotel to party, despite knowing that everyone there hates him. As soon as he reaches the party, his eyes fall on Dimple who was his girlfriend.

She is enjoying a lot there. There is another girl in the same party named Koel who does not like Dimple at all. So much so that when she comes to know that Lucky has come to the same party, she decides to leave from there.

As soon as Koyal goes out, Lucky follows her outside to pacify her. There were some goons outside who were drunk and started teasing the cuckoo. But then Lucky arrives and saves the cuckoo from the goons, despite knowing how much the cuckoo hates him.

While fighting, Lucky gets hurt a lot but still Koyal starts getting angry at Lucky and says what was the need to become a hero. Instead of accepting his favor, even his friends start telling him to mind his own business.

Lucky knows who that goon whom you killed is Mohit Raizada who is the son of a big businessman Kranti Raizada. Not only this, do you know that your father’s business and house is run by Kranti Raizada.

Koyal says that she will have to go and apologize to Mohit’s father otherwise her son i.e. Mohit will spoil her life or maybe cover up her father’s business. Realizing his mistake, Lucky goes to meet Kranti Raizada in her office the very next day.

When the office security tells Kranti Raizada that Laxman Aggarwal alias Lucky has come to meet him, on hearing this, Kranti, who has committed so many murders and who knows how many big people in the city tremble with him, that Kranti Raizada He stands up from his chair and shakes hands with Lucky and calls him Sir and asks, Sir, was there any problem in coming and how did you come here?

Asks Lucky to sit and also asks him to forgive me if he has committed any mistake. Lucky is shocked to see his action and Kranti Raizada tries to leave Lucky.


Q- Where to read Insta Millionaire’s full story?

Ans- Every One can read the full story of “Insta Millionaire” on the Pocket FM app or Pocket FM website.

Q- Is Insta Millionaire a book?

Ans- No “Insta Millionai re” is not a book , As we Know it’s an audio drama series available on Pocket FM app or Pocket FM website.

Q- Can i Download ‘Insta Millionaire’ Pocket FM All Episodes in MP3?

Ans-It is not permitted to download the Insta Millionai re Pocket FM Series, however you may watch the entire series on the Pocket FM App.

Q- Can i Read  ‘Insta Millionaire’ Pocket FM All Chapters Online?

Ans- Yes, on the official website, you may read all the chapters of “Insta Millionair e Pocket FM.”

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