How to Book Ola Cab Step By Step Full Guide in 2023

What is Ola :- Ola, often referred to as “Ola Cabs,” (How to Book Ola Cab ) is an Indian ride-hailing company that provides transportation services primarily through its mobile app. Founded in 2010 by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati, Ola has become one of the largest & Most popular ride-hailing platforms in India and several other countries. Ola operates in various cities in India and has also expanded its services to other countries.

Ola (How to Book Ola Cab ) offers a variety of ride options to its users, including:

MicroIn this range Affordable small cars for short rides.
MiniIn this Range Slightly larger vehicles with slightly higher fares than Micro.
PrimeIn this Range More comfortable and spacious cars for a premium experience.
AutoAuto-rickshaws, a Very Common mode of transportation in India.
ShareShared rides with other passengers heading in the same direction, aimed at reducing costs.
BikeMotorcycle-based rides for quick and affordable travel.
OutstationIn this Range Long-distance travel between cities.
RentalHiring a car for a specific duration, often used for day trips.
How to Book Ola Cab Step By Step Full Guide
How to Book Ola Cab Step By Step Full Guide

Step By Step Full Guide How to Book Ola Cab :

To book an Ola cab, you can follow these steps using the Ola mobile App.

Download and Install the AppIf you haven’t already, download the Ola app from the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and install it.

Open the App and Sign InLaunch the Ola app and sign in using your Ola account. If you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one by providing your contact details and setting a password.
Set Your Pickup LocationOnce you’re signed in, the app will usually display your current location on a map. You can adjust the pickup location by dragging the map or entering an address manually.
Select Your Ride TypeOla offers various ride options such as Micro, Mini, Prime, etc. Choose the type of ride that suits your preferences and budget.
Enter Your DestinationAfter Selecting the ride type, enter your destination address. You can type it in or select from your saved locations.
Review Ride DetailsThe app will provide you with information about the estimated fare, distance, and duration of the ride. Review these details to ensure they’re accurate.
Confirm BookingIf all the details are correct, confirm the booking. The app will then search for available drivers in your area.
Wait for DriverOnce a driver is assigned to your booking, you’ll be able to see their details, including their name, photo, and vehicle information. You can track their real-time location as they approach your pickup point.
Enjoy Your RideWhen the driver arrives, get into the cab and enjoy your ride. The driver will usually follow the navigation provided by the app, but you can provide additional directions if needed.
PaymentAfter reaching your destination, the app will show the final fare. You can pay using various methods, such as Ola Money (if you have a balance), credit/debit cards, or other digital payment options.
Rate and Provide FeedbackAfter the ride, you’ll have the opportunity to rate the driver and provide feedback on your experience. This helps Ola maintain service quality.


Q- What if I face any issues during the Ride?

Ans- If you encounter any issues during the ride, such as driver behavior or route problems, you can contact Ola’s customer support through the app.

Q- How do I get a Receipt for my ride?

Ans- Ola usually sends a ride receipt to your registered email address after completing the ride. You can also view ride receipts in the app’s ride history.

Q- What if the Driver takes a longer Route?

Ans- Ola provides navigation to drivers, but if you suspect the driver is taking an inefficient route, you can politely provide directions or contact Ola customer support for assistance.

Q- How do I Track the Driver’s location?

Ans- Once a driver is assigned, you can track their real-time location on the app’s map. You’ll also receive updates on their estimated time of arrival.

Q- Can I Cancel a Booking?

Ans- Yes, you can cancel a booking, but there might be cancellation charges depending on the timing of the cancellation. Check the app for the Cancellation policy.

Q- How Do I Pay For the Ride?

Ans- Ola offers various payment methods, including Ola Money, credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and cash (in select areas). You can choose your preferred payment method and complete the payment through the app.

Q- How do I Download the Ola app?

Ans- You can download the Ola app from the App Store (iOS devices) or the Google Play Store (Android devices). Search for “Ola Cabs” and install the app.

Q- How do I book an Ola cab?

To book an Ola cab, download the Ola app, sign in or create an account, set your pickup location, choose your ride type, enter your destination, confirm the booking, wait for the driver, enjoy your ride, pay through the app, rate the driver, and provide feedback if desired.

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